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Getting married in Sønderborg

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Before the wedding, you must apply to be married. Read more about the procedure here.
Opdateret 19.09.2018

Before the wedding

Before the wedding, you must apply to be married. This is the case for both Danish and foreign couples.

Marriage of foreign couples

If you live abroad but wish to be married in Sonderborg Municipality, you must fill out a notice of marriage, attaching the required documentation as specified in the terms. Send this information to Sonderborg Kommune, Rådhustorvet 10, 6400 Sonderborg.

Find the notice of marriage along with the terms here (in English)

Once we receive the marriage announcement, along with your documentation, we will check whether you meet the terms and conditions for marrying each other.

If you come from abroad but live in Sonderborg Municipality, we ask that you contact us on tel. +45 88 72 51 84, or by sending an email to vielser@sonderborg.dk.

You can also drop in at Sonderborg Citizen Service, Rådhustorvet 10, 6400 Sonderborg, during opening hours.

When can you get married? 

Foreign couples can get married every Friday, during the hours 8.30 - 14.00. The ceremonies take place at Nørherredhus, Nordborg/ Det Gamle Rådhus, Gråsten.

Read more here.

If you wish to get married somewhere else than Nørherredhus, Nordborg/Det Gamle Rådhus, Gråsten on Fridays click here.

Marriage of Danish couples

If you live in Denmark, you must fill out a notice of marriage.

You can find it here

If you are Danish citizens not living in  Denmark, contact us on tel. +45 88 72 51 84, or send an email to vielser@sonderborg.dk

When can you get married? (Danish couples)

Danish couples can be married in Sonderborg Town Hall, during the following hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday,  8.00 - 15.00
  • Thursday, 8.00 - 17.00
  • Saturday 9.00 - 12.00

Danish couples can also be married on Fridays at Nørherredhus, Nordborg/Det Gamle Rådhus, Gråsten by arrangement.

During holiday periods, all weddings take place at Sonderborg Town Hall.

If you wish to marry at a different point in time, or at another location within the municipality, you are welcome to contact us on tel. +45 88 72 51 84, or by sending an email to vielser@sonderborg.dk.


There must always be at least two witnesses to observe a civil wedding. If your marriage takes place in Sonderborg Town Hall during opening hours or at Nørherredhus/Det Gamle Rådhus, we can make two witnesses available. If your marriage ceremony takes place at some other location outside of Sonderborg Town Hall, you must yourselves arrange for two witnesses to attend the wedding.