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Getting married in Sønderborg

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Enjoy the Sonderborg area

The sea, bay and strait create a very special atmosphere on the island of Als, Sonderborg and across the water at Gråsten and Broagerland. Here you can read more about what the area has to offer.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

Sonderborg has everything for your romantic stay

Looking out over the countryside you will notice gentle rolling fields running directly to the forests edge. The sky is bright and everywhere there are extraordinary views: to the water, the beautiful church towers, picturesque castles and tileworks, to sailboats, kayakers and anglers.

Als Strait is like a blue natural lifeline running through the middle of the municipality. And on both sides of Alssund is the region's main city, Sonderborg with the castle, the cultural and research center Alsion, lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

The placement of the historic castle on one side of Alssund and Alsion on the other, creates a yin/yang effect, symbolizing a city deeply rooted in history, that simultaneously has great ambitions for the future.

Getting married in Sonderborg Municipality also provides an opportunity to experience everything that the city and the municipality have to offer. Perhaps you do not have time see it all on this trip, but we welcome you back as tourists, students or because you want to relocate here and work.

Join the cultural and historical events

Many know Sonderborg and the surrounding cities from tilting-at-the-ring parties.  This is a competition where people on horseback joust at rings that become smaller in diameter with every round. The tradition dates back to the early 1800s when the dukes ruled in the area, but it is still very much alive.

Every summer thousands of visitors gather to watch the games and like the parade of hundreds of riders and many fine orchestras winding through the streets of Sonderborg on their way to the competition. It creates a truly festive atmosphere people, party tents and plenty of entertainment within the stands and tents.

All throughout the year there is something happening here in southern Denmark:

Alsion concert hall presents a wide variety of symphony concerts, rock concerts, opera, musicals and theatre.

In the summer, Sonderborg Theatre presents a Revue, and traditionally there are many open-air concerts at Mølleparken.

Would you rather enjoy just being alone? The local nature offers a myriad of peaceful trails along the beaches and through forests. Workup an appetite and come in to town where  the cafes and restaurants are ready to serve you.

Surrounding Sonderborg you will find more attractions. In Nordborg you can see both a castle and a science-adventure theme park. In Gråsten you can see where the royal family lives during the summer and where the Danish national apple comes from.

You can also find parks, protected mills, Denmark's longest coastal forest, the largest sculpture park, museums, plenty of opportunity to shop and socialize at cafes and restaurants. But first and foremost we offer a fantastic nature.

Planning your trip?

Take a look www.visitsonderborg.dk before you set-off and learn more about the many possibilities. You are also welcome to visit the tourist office at at the address: Perlegade 50, 6400 Sonderborg and pick up instructions or any of the many fine brochures about the area.

We look forward to welcoming you.